Slow down and taste the chocolate!

We have been blessed with work! I so appreciate all the events that have booked the last couple months. Catering has be the main event but we have a wedding coming up right after Christmas. We love winter weddings! The color pallets, the sparkly winter decor that can be pulled in and who doesn’t love the option of a hot chocolate bar.  Hot chocolate bars can be set up in different ways, but what we offer is a self serve, get creative, make it how you love it, hot chocolate deliciousness.

We start with never ending hot water, you add cocoa powder and then it comes to the add ins! We offer several flavored syrups, mini chocolate chips, peppermint, whipped cream, caramel sauce, salt and some recipe suggestions to get you started.

Of course, hot chocolate bars are not just for big events. I set one up for my family a couple times a year and leave it up for a few days. My kids love to create concoctions that are too strange for my tastes and sometimes too strange for theirs, but it is fun and something that they look forward to all year!!