Frequently Asked Questions

Tell me about your rates?

Because each job is unique and specialized, each bid will reflect that. However, we can work with most budgets.

What kind of events do you specialize in?

We have a wide range of experience with different types of events. Baby and bridal showers, lunches, banquet meals, weddings and receptions, open houses, ladies’ nights, work events and holiday parties.

Tell me about your event planning services?

Our approach is to provide the level of planning and involvement that you require. If you want full planning, we plan and execute, as you approve the plan. At times you have most things planned and just need a us to suggest a few finishing touches and then put the plan into action.

What other services do you provide?

We love going down to the local wholesale florist and choosing just the right flowers to use for decor and centerpieces. We  provide beautiful and delicious cakes for special occasions. We can provide lighting, do a drop ceiling for a cultural hall,  and we have a wide range of decorations to choose from.

Will you work with other vendors?

We love working with other vendors! There are so many talented professionals in this area, it is a pleasure to meet and work with them. We do have some vendors that we have worked with before and can refer. We don’t refer anyone if we haven’t already worked with them or sampled their work. It is important to us to know who and what we recommend.

Do we have to use all of your services in order to hire you?

Absolutely not! We are happy to simply fill in the gaps, if that is what you need. However, we have found that our clients really appreciate our one stop shop approach.

I want my event to represent me or tell a story. Can you help?

Yes, that is what we specialize in! There are so many ways to tell your story,  we are waiting to be inspired by hearing what you have to share.